Olympia is the major Kingdom in which A Tangled Web takes place. In this Kingdom, the culture is majorly influenced by Greek myth, and unlike most Kingdoms, rather than a Godmother, the Kingdom is ruled by a Pantheon of Gods modelled after the Ancient Olympians of Greece.

Culture and HistoryEdit

Being heavily inspired by Greek myth, the story features many characters familiar to classical mythologies. In this version of Olympia, Zeus rules the sky, while Hades rules the Underworld and Poseidon the seas. It is not mentioned if Poseidon is a Sea King, similar to Katya's father in Fortune's Fool, or if he is actually a God.

The Gods are actually Fairies that drank Lethe Water to forget about their pasts, and integrated themselves into the local Tradition. Which is unusually strong, and local belief is that foreigners are barbarians.

Royalty and RulersEdit