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I found this wiki some time ago, but am greatly saddened that nobody is doing anything with it! This series is beautiful and its wiki needs to be made more informative!

I propose some new content should be added, as the pages on this wiki so far are few and not in the best shape. Wikis are meant to be as informative as their contributors can make them, not bare bones.

My first page suggestion is to create a reference for all the Traditional names for various fairy tale architypes. eg. Ladderlocks is Rapunzel, Snowskin is Snow-White, Ella Cinders is Cinderella, that sort of thing. Many of them are obvious when you read them but this is a wiki about the Five-Hundred Kingdoms and the Godmothers, and this is the kind of stuff they know. I don't have all of the books as yet, so I can't fill in all the gaps and there are probably some references I've missed.

I hope this wiki gets a new lease on life soon. It's sad not seeing anyone doing something with it.

I am she who imagines. You may call me Trix. (talk) 17:51, June 5, 2015 (UTC)

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