History of GodmothersEdit

The role of godmother in the Five Hundred Kingdoms was originally fufilled by the Fae folk. At a certain point, the Fae decided that they wanted to have a lesser hand in the roles of mortal lives. At this point, the role of Godmother was passed over to certain chosen mortal women picked by the Fae for their affinity to magic. One of the first of the Fairy Godmothers was the Emerald Fairy.

Godmothers are defined by a particular name by which they are known in addition to their real name. Typically this can be in relation to color mostly, but can also specify an affinity with an element or an objest. When a Godmother gives her role to an Apprentice, the name is passed on to the Apprentice and in their guise as a Fairy Godmother, they utilize that name.

Duties of the GodmothersEdit

Typically, a Godmother does not service one Kingdom, but serves as Godmother to several. It can be said a Godmother's work is never done, and truer words were never spoken. A Godmother's most important job is to direct and change the Tradition, the force that guides young men and women into traditional fairy tale roles. This is important because certain Traditional Paths can lead a young man or woman into darkness and in worse circumstances, death. It becomes the job of the Godmother to do everything she can to direct the Tradition in a good Path versus one that will end in a bad way.

As such, Godmothers utilize magic as their primary tool. Magic from the Tradition tends to build up around certain people who do not fufill the Traditional Path on which they have been set, at which point a Godmother's help is required. The Godmother may do several things to prevent the magic build up. In certain circumstances, where someone does not wish to have anything to do with magic, the Godmother will drain the magic in sessions from the person and take on the magic themselves. In other circumstances, the Godmother will choose a young woman who has a particularly large amount of unused magic to serve as their Apprentice, and eventually that woman will become the Godmother's successor. If nothing is done to either remove or control the magic, disasterous consquences can occur.

A Godmother also attends several important events throughout her Kingdoms, from christenings to weddings. She serves as an advisor to Kings and Queens, and provides blessings to newborn children, and in certain circumstances, prevent the Tradition from taking hold of the child in a negative way. Godmothers must be learned as well, and as such keep libraries of vast knowledge. Godmothers also keep extensive records of their life events, and when they write a copy of a book, the copy appears in the library of all the other Godmothers. The Godmothers also serve as representatives to the Fae folk, and have Fae that serve them, known as Brownies.

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