Arachnia is a formerly Dark Sorceress who plays a role in the Fairy Godmother. She lives in the Kingdom of Bretagne.


Arachnia is much like Elena in that she was destined to be her Kingdom's Ella Cinders, but was turned out by her wicked Stepmother into the woods to search for berries. As a result, Arachnia was kidnapped by a Dark Sorceress and forced to become her servant. At the urging of a talking statue, Arachnia killed her captor and took possession of the castle and the materials of the Dark Sorceress at the age of seven.

Role In SeriesEdit

Arachnia comes to the christening of the newborn daughter of the King and Queen of Leksmadia, intent on cursing the child. However, Madame Bella had forseen this, and had asked a friend of hers, a Sorceress, to obtain a frog prince for Arachnia, who had the same dark intersts as she. When she entered the castle, the prince came up to her and praised her, flustering her and distracting her from her dark goal. When she goes up to the newborn princess, she looks back at the prince and to the girl and casts a spell that her hair will become extremely tangled when she grows up. She then leaves with her Prince.

Now turning good, Arachnia takes responsiblity for Octavian, brother of Alexander, employing him as a servant in her castle. Later, Elena spies on the pair with her mirror, and sees Arachnia and her beau in a heated embrace. When the Katchei takes over the Kingdom of Fleurberg, Elena goes to Arachnia for help and to pick up Octavian to bring him home to Stancia. They talk a bit about Arachnia's past, and Elena offers for her to take over the Godmothering duties for Fleurberg, but Arachnia refuses on the grounds that she prefers her existance as a Sorceress. She then lends Elena a mode of transportation so she and Octavian can rush to Stancia and defeat the Katchei.